Salomie Du Plooy

Salomie is a South African designer currently based in her atelier in South Africa. After completing her training at the London International School of Fashion, Salomie launched her couture label at just 21 years of age. In just a few short years she was making her mark on the wedding gown design industry, winning multiple awards including the ACFA and Bridex. A decade later, she is now able to pair her natural talent with years of experience to create dream bridal gowns.

“My process is best described as being free flowing. Rather than taking the more technical approach of drawing up an exact pattern that follows a precise design, I try to be fearless in exploring where the fabric takes me and the ways in which its details can inspire me. I have a natural talent for working with delicate and detailed fabric and so I rely on this to lead to the ultimate creation of a gown and find confidence in the belief that my experience and training will result in a well tailored execution. I believe that style is very personal and that is why I approach every gown with the mindset that individuality is more important than playing by the rules.”

Salomie Couture

Salomie Couture gowns are crafted from the finest, most precious fabrics sourced from across the globe at locations praised for their unique, delicate and decadent fabrics. Salomie herself frequently travels to France to handpick the finest fabrics and lace. She sources incredible fabrics seldom seen on the local market from Italy as well. From these rare swathes, gowns are designed to celebrate romance and sophistication. The Salomie Couture brand is renowned for intricate details and the ability to highlight any bride’s silhouette.

Salomie’s unique approach to the design and creation of bridal gowns appeals to the bride who dares to be different. Keeping in mind that the key to a gown that takes your breath away is style – and the key to style is fit, Salomie ensures the perfect fit on every bride is the top priority guaranteeing that Salomie Couture brides always feel confident. Salomie Couture gowns celebrate the grace and beauty that every woman dreams of for her wedding day.